Summer Storage in Florida

Florida is a boating haven known for its sparkling waters, abundant marine life, and warm weather. But as the summer months approach, boat owners may need to take steps to ensure their vessels are well-protected during storage. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your boat for summer storage in Florida.

Reliable Power Supply

Reliable power supply is a crucial aspect of boat storage. You need to ensure that your power system remains functional during the storage period. This can be achieved by regularly checking the power supply and ensuring there’s someone to monitor it.

Mold Control

Mold can be a persistent issue in boat storage. However, a monthly spray of vinegar can effectively curb its growth. Vinegar, compared to bleach, tends to last longer on porous surfaces, making it a better choice for mold control.

Dealing with Dirt and Moisture

Boat covers can help keep dirt away, but they can also invite new problems like moisture accumulation. Using a white cover with proper ventilation can help reduce inside temperatures and keep moisture at bay. It’s important to note that moisture can still seep in, with or without a cover.

Hard Versus Grass

The choice between hard and grass surfaces for boat storage depends largely on the ability to tie down the boat securely. While motor vehicles may suffer more from being on grass, boats may not experience similar issues.

Keeping Bugs Away

Boats can be an attractive nesting place for bugs. One way to deter them is to stuff any holes or cracks with foam, rags, or screens. This can help maintain airflow while keeping bugs out.

UV Protection

Exterior parts of the boat that are susceptible to UV damage should be protected as much as possible. Boat covers that can efficiently shed water are recommended, especially for small-sized boats.


Dehumidifiers can be useful when the boat is in the water but may not be as effective when the boat is on hard ground due to power constraints. However, they can help keep the boat’s bilges dry when it’s in the water.

Preparing for Hurricanes

Florida is prone to hurricanes, and it’s important to consider this when preparing your boat for storage. If your boat is in a grassy area, make sure it’s secure and not susceptible to flooding or floating off the stands.

Time of Year

The time of year you plan to pull and launch your boat can significantly impact your preparation process. The relentless sun and high temperatures in October can make the task of painting the bottom and prepping the decks for gear quite difficult. Prepping in spring might be less strenuous.

Age and Health Considerations

If you’re older or have health issues, even minor prepping and loading can be challenging. In such cases, you may want to consider hiring help for cleaning, painting, and other prep work.


In conclusion, preparing your boat for summer storage in Florida requires careful planning, hard work, and a good understanding of the local climate and potential issues. With these tips, you should be able to keep your boat in top shape over the summer.

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