A Premier Marine Repair Facility & Boatyard

Those who own and service the many magnificent yachts that make South Florida the premier maritime destination will be pleased to learn of the launch of PORT 32’s Fort Lauderdale facility. Here, adjacent to Fort Lauderdale’s Marina Mile and convenient to downtown, is an in-water yacht repair facility with the ability to service yachts up to 150 feet. We are an ideal destination for everything from survey hauls to center console repairs with in-water slips for all manner of yacht repair and service.

A quality marine service and yacht repair facility under multi-phase development, PORT 32 Fort Lauderdale is now open with in-water service slips available for lease while construction continues. In addition to marine yacht repair, our facility features a self-service boatyard for dry hull work, hull pressure washing, and painting. We will also feature a 150 ton travel lift able to handle up to 120 foot boats. Although wet slips are now available, ongoing construction will soon add spaces for on-site marine contractors and vendors, as well as hundreds of dry slips to meet the needs of both recreational boaters and yachts requiring tender storage.

Your In-Water Yacht Service Facility

In addition to being a premier yacht repair facility, PORT 32 Fort Lauderdale also features the only fuel dock on the New River in the vicinity of Marina Mile, offering both gas and diesel with high-speed pumps. Captains and yacht owners will appreciate both the amenities and the quality yacht repair and maintenance services we will offer at our facility:

  • Haul & Block
  • Survey Hauls
  • Crane/Forklift Services
  • Hull Pressure Wash
  • Painting
  • Engine Work
  • Hull Work
  • Brightwork
  • Teak Work
  • Interior Design

Wet Slips and Dry Slips

Our facility is designed to accommodate yachts up to 150 feet for in water repairs and refits. Additionally it also features an upland boatyard and 150 ton travel lift able to accommodate vessels up to 120 feet. Dry slips will be available for both short and long term tender storage after our Phase II build out.

Wet Slips & Boatyard

  • In-water yacht repair service slips for vessels up 150 feet – Available Now
  • Self Service boatyard for vessels up to 120 feet
  • 150 ton travel lift
  • State-of-the-art forklift with 30k lb capacity


Dry Slips & Commercial (Coming Soon)

  • Dry slip storage for tender vessels up to 55 feet
  • Dry slip storage for recreational boats as large as 55 feet
  • Commercial Spaces for on-site marine contractors & vendors
  • Retail & Office Space available
  • Multi-purpose storage units

Your Crew is Always Welcome

Although PORT 32 Fort Lauderdale will offer yacht repair and refit services on site, you will also be able to use your own repair crew at our facility. While many boaters will prefer to make use of the experienced service personnel that will be resident on-site, we recognize that it makes sense to use repair personnel who are already familiar with your vessel. On-site yacht repair and refit personnel are not available during the current development phase, so owners and captains are advised to arrange for their own repair crews to use our facility.


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