Marine & Yacht Drystack Storage

PORT 32 knows that a world-class boating destination like Fort Lauderdale is always in need of more recreational storage. Therefore, we have built plenty of drystack storage into our facility plan. Our drystack storage provides storage for hundreds of boats up to 55 feet in length. We offer storage for recreational boaters and yacht tender storage. Additionally, our drystack will feature commercial units for on-site marine service contractors and vendors, as well as retail/office space for yacht and center console sales and other marine-related uses. Multi-purpose storage for vendors and yacht storage will be available for rent.

Drystack Storage

A large portion of PORT 32 Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to drystack storage. Recreational boaters will appreciate the convenience of over 500 dry slips from 25 to 55 feet. With rapid growth in the average size of center consoles our large drystack will accommodate today and tomorrow’s boats.


Tender Storage

While many of the hundreds of dry slips will be used for recreational vessels, a portion are specifically designated for both long and short-term tender storage. Our in-water service facility offers wet slips for yachts up to 150 feet that often make use of tender vessels, so PORT 32 ensures there is ample tender storage to accommodate them during yacht maintenance.


Commercial Storage

PORT 32 will offer commercial spaces available for lease for on-site marine service contractors and vendors, as well as retail/office space for yachts and center console sales and other marine related uses. Multi-purpose storage units will also be available for lease. Customers will have access to a collection of marine vendors and trades who can satisfy every boating-related need on-site.