Marine & Yacht Repairs & Refits

Those seeking a Fort Lauderdale facility for marine repairs or yacht refits will be delighted to discover PORT 32. Our facility is primarily geared toward marine repairs for small craft or yacht repairs for vessels as large as 150 feet. We have wet slips available for in-water marine repairs, as well as an upland boatyard for repairs to vessels up to 120 feet.

Not only is our marine repair facility ideally equipped to handle a variety of yacht repairs and refits, but it’s also an excellent location for those who specialize in performing marine repair and yacht refits. Vendors in need of either a wet or dry marine repair facility will find a state-of-the-art facility in PORT 32.

Yacht Repair & Refit Services

As a marine repair facility, PORT 32 offers a variety of popular yacht refit and repair services. Yacht owners and captains may elect to bring their own marine repair personnel to our Fort Lauderdale boatyard, or they may use our on-site service providers in the future when this becomes available.

Haul & Block

Yacht owners seeking haul & block capabilities need look no further. Vessels as large as 120 feet can be easily hauled from the water and blocked in our Fort Lauderdale boatyard. Our marine repair facility features a 150-ton travel lift for hauling vessels in the water.

Survey Hauls

Whether assessing the yacht repairs needing to be made or examining a vessel prior to purchasing it, our 150 ton travel lift provides exceptional hauling for boats up to 120 feet. Additionally, our Fort Lauderdale boatyard offers both dry and in-water yacht repair services on site.

Crane/Forklift Services

In addition to our 150 ton travel lift hauling capabilities, our Fort Lauderdale boatyard also offers both crane and forklift services. Our state-of-the-art forklift can lift up to 30K lbs, and dockside cranes can be utilized to on or offload equipment for yacht refits or marine repairs.

Hull Pressure Wash

The 150-ton hauling capabilities of the travel lift at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard allows us to perform a comprehensive hull pressure wash to vessels up to 120 feet. This popular hull pressure wash service is frequently used for maintenance, or for cleansing the hull prior to painting and refinishing.


Vessels in need of a refreshed paint job can be serviced at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard. Painting for interiors and topside exteriors can be performed at our in-water yacht repair slips. Also, hull cleaning and painting can be done using our 150-ton travel lift to safely haul your vessel out of the water.

Engine Work

Keeping your ship’s engines operating at peak performance is critical, especially for ocean-going vessels. Fortunately, our Fort Lauderdale boatyard is an ideal marine repair facility for all kinds of engine work, from regular service and maintenance to complete overhauls and retrofitting. Engine work can be performed in-water in one of our wet slips, or at our self-service upland boatyard.

Hull Work

Vessels may require hull work for a variety of reasons. For example, a yacht with hull damage may require marine repair, while other ships may only require cleaning or painting below the waterline. The 150-ton travel lift at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard can haul vessels up to 120-feet so that hull work can be performed in a secure and dry environment.


It’s not uncommon for the brightwork on luxury vessels to require regular care. Yachts endure a great deal of exposure to the elements, making it essential to constantly maintain brightwork and avoid permanent damage. We recognize how important your ship’s brightwork is to maintaining your yacht’s value and enhancing your boating experience. Therefore, we only engage experienced brightwork technicians for our clients.

Teak Work

Teak decking is one of the most common kinds of brightwork in yachts, thus teak work is a frequent requirement for many vessels. We recommend that teak work such as refinishing and polishing is performed in wet-slips at our Fort Lauderdale boatyard by our experienced teak work professionals.

Interior Design

For many yacht owners, nothing enhances the experience of boating like a vessel appointed with elegant interior design. Quality interior design for luxury pleasure craft is a true art form that requires both aesthetic sensibilities and an understanding of yacht refitting and its limitations. PORT 32 Fort Lauderdale works only with those experienced in marine interior design, and welcomes clients to engage their own designers as well.